Kind words

 To be completely honest, I think I have one of the coolest jobs. I get to run around with couples in love and some wonderful people, laugh a lot, and capture moments. But, if you want to hear what it’s like to shoot with Swildesnapshots, read below!


Let me help you make your Decision.

"If the pictures don’t say enough about how amazing of a photographer Sarah is, let me help you make your decision. Sarah was great at making my fiancé and I feel awesome and comfortable throughout the shoot. She would give us suggestions on how to pose, and would let us just have fun as she took photos. Don’t get me started on how brilliant the photos were. She had a couple sent to us the first night, and need I say more, they were b e a u t i f u l." -Zach Smith, engagement session


Most magical photoshoot

“Sarah was absolutely wonderful to work with for the most magical photoshoot! She gently directed us and helped us feel confident in front of the camera. Her easy-going nature allowed us to be ourselves and be in the moment. We will cherish the beautiful images Sarah captured for us the rest of our lives!”
-Delaney, Couples Session

Truly captured our love

“My husband and I did a shoot with Sarah and we loved it! We haven’t had the best experience with photographers in the past so we were shocked how much we enjoyed working with Sarah. She truly captured our love for each other”
- Madison, Couples Session

Really be ourselves

“We loved, loved, loved being able to shoot with you! You made the environment so comfortable, relaxed and inviting that it didn’t even feel like we were taking pictures. And you made it fun by playing music we requested and letting us goof around and really be ourselves. It felt so genuine from start to finish and that showed in the pictures. We love you!”
- Portia, Couples Session

It was a joy

“I would definitely recommend Sarah Wilde to anyone with an adventurous spirit! She genuinely will take the time to get to know about your story and make it come to life in picture perfect form. She was such a joy to work with and I hope to collaborate with her again in the near future".”
-Lindsey, Engagement Session

Beautiful in between moments

“During our shoot, Sarah did a wonderful job of creating space for us to show our love for each other while also cultivating an atmosphere of laughter and joy. She captured our relationship during the beautiful in between moments. We loved every second of it!”
-Danika, Couples Session

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