Seré + Cary's In-Home Session

I met Seré my freshman year of college through our Student Orientation Services. One day, we were talking and getting to know one another when she brought up this boy…Cary. They were best friends, and after 2 years Cary was ready to leap into dating, but Seré was hesitant that romance could end their friendship because of it. Fast forward a few years.

I had the privilege of stepping into the newly-wed’s home and capturing their love. They are passionate, goofy, and are falling more in love every single day.

Hit play on the song “Hold My Girl” and scroll through their session (yes, they do live a few steps away from the beach!).

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Sarah Wilde is a professional photographer located in Southern California (willing to travel) who strives to capture moments of coming alive. She is passionate about shooting inspiring portraits, romantic engagements, and magical weddings. She hopes to bring out raw emotions in her work by constantly giggling, running, and dancing. Sarah believes that lots of love and laughter help to capture truly authentic moments.

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