Minnesota Meets California | California Beach Engagement

After a few months of dating and a 2,000 mile drive from Southern California to Minnesota, Katie knew that Zach was the one. The majority of their relationship was long distance, as Katie was in the land of 10,000 lakes and Zach was living on the golden coast.

Katie surprised Zach for valentines day, telling him that she was going to fly to California in a few days. Little did she know that Zach (already having the engagement ring) quickly scrambled to propose to her as soon as she landed.

At the Palm Springs Airport, Zach got down on one knee and she said yes.

Listen to the song “Coastline” by the Hollow Coves and scroll through Katie & Zach’s engagement pictures.

Sarah Wilde is a professional photographer located in Southern California (willing to travel) who strives to capture moments of coming alive. She is passionate about shooting inspiring portraits, romantic engagements, and magical weddings. She hopes to bring out raw emotions in her work by constantly giggling, running, and dancing. Sarah believes that lots of love and laughter help to capture truly authentic moments.